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Posted something for once, pretty random, but stress relieving with all the work at the moment.
Haven't been to DA for two months, must be a record. Been busy and all.

Anyways, time to dump some of my old stuff here. Fanart only, for a number of reasons.
...or rather the lack of it. I find it difficult to start a new picture, but once i get the engine up and running, i usually work longer. Also the fact that i can't get shots anymore, due to my booze reserves running low, makes things harder..  a shot a few times a week would be just dandy.....   jk jk.

One thing that has come to rescue, is a daily sketch, that we need to do, well, every day. We pick a rather random subject and all draw from that. So far my favorite subject was RaptorJesus.

I had put my quest to find the manliest man on hold, until just now, though it doesn't really count since it's fanart... but Zelos is pretty and pretty manly.

I need to list all my work and make a schedule, so i can coordinate my work, rather than trying to ponder a million things in the same time.

--Till next time kids!!!--
....and how cheesy did that sound?

hneeway, we're having plans about starting our own business, which actually seems very possible. All the people are very skillful at their respective fields of talent(s). Everyone's very different, so our work will most likely be something not tainted by a tunnelvision.

The main product of the company is not decided, since there is so much research to be done, in what is profitable....   personally, i'm happy if i can make a living with something i like to do. It'll be new-media related....  

It's quite funny how there's people as different as we are, and it seems it's well balanced, with the extremes bringing balance to the forc.... uh, yeah.

Oh and by "we" i mean a handful of people from our school....

It's still a bit of a dilemma, basically, we have to be very aggressive to get it done, but by being too aggressive there's a larger risk of failure.
I have serious problems drawing large pictures.. the proportions tend to get really wrong. I can draw small pictures fine, so i need to train by first drawing my pictures small, then bigger.

One thing i can also do, is magnify the small pics with a copymachine.
Another solution is glasses that make things appear smaller than they are(no, not really:P).

The final cure i found just recently, is drinking, yup, having a shot or two while being "artistic" works quite nicely. My hand movements are smoother, and i come up with the stupidest (read: most artistic) ideas ever. The drawback is, that typing is much more difficult... my typo rate is insane, even while writing this. Backspace is in heavy use.

Of course i'm not talking about excessive use of alcohol, which is stupid...

lessee, cheers for artistic ways of life.
I haven't really made a properly finished 3D piece yet... there's the daihatsu, but it has so many flaws, that i didn't want to get big renders from it.

It's quite demanding to make a full 3D scene, once you get into it.
I have this warrior character and her weapon modeled, but the texturing and setting the scene will take loads of more time to finish.

I'll prolly make some kind of grass field and a mountain bg... still need to figure out how to actually make real looking 3D mountains and grass.
Getting tired of the mainstream anime style, so i'ma start doing some different stuff, and probably ditch my comp for a while, and do traditional art instead.

It's funny how some people say that anime-artists are not artists at all, since anime is such an "easy" style.
So, i tried drawing a more realistic character, Wolverine. First i thought it'll look stupid, cause i've never tried drawing realistic faces before, not to mention western comic-style.
The doubt was gone soon though, since i think i managed to make my drawing look like wolverine (and i think it was pretty easy).

So i've come to a conclusion, that the styles are pretty much equal, since in anime/manga you have to make the character look good with stylized facial features, which can be challenging, and with more realistic style, the hard part is all the detail, but it's basically easy, since you see real people everyday, and you basically now how they look like :P

So yeah, i'm a big fan of transformers comics, and the style in comics like "Star wars: the republic" and "SPAWN" is quite striking, which made me want to draw stuff like that.

It's exciting, since i've got something new to learn again.
Whaddya know... everyone got me transformers for christmas. I now have 4 new ones: Landmine, Towline, Cruellock and Thrust

And the old crew is: Armada Megatron, Energon Starscream, Armada Jetfire, Sideswipe, REV, Divebomb, Powermaster Prime, Hotshot, Cyclonus and a truckload of minicons.

Now i'd like to get my hands on some Alternators, the coolest Transformers ever...…
After some mad partying with meh class, i have lots of work to do this vacation...   I have to study shockwave, which probably won't be fun.

Oh and the game, it turned out crap, but it was a nice learning process.
We've turned our sights to a easier goal, we'll prolly make a mod for the new warhammer game.

Hneeway, i wish everyone a merry christmas, for mine will be plenty merry, since i'm getting lots of transformers.
And what do we do? Mostly brainstorming, then some Counter Strike, then maybe a little more Counter Strike... and on some occasions i try to do some 3D.

We're supposed to make a videogame, probably an adventure of sorts.
Gotta go to school next monday, duh, and i was having so much fun.
Getting near 2000...  one request for the catcher.
I had a hard time figuring out what i do wrong with my pictures, so to learn some new stuff, i ordered a set of posters. From those i can get a close view on how they're done. They're posters by the most well known manga artists, master Shirow. The moment i laid eyes on the pics, i had a few ahas, and they're a good reference in any upcoming work.

The contrast, detail, composition, everything is spot on in these pictures. And to think they're made mostly in a more traditional way. I always thought they were digitally colored and the lineart was the only thing made in a traditional way. It turned out that only the BG is digital art, and pretty much everything else is done with some tricks without a computer. none other than the bathroom. Make your own conclusions.

Anyway, i was thinking a bit, with something a schoolmate said working as a catalyst.

I was wondering what defines adults, sets them apart from kids or teens. What is an adult? What makes you an adult and so forth. I couldn't come up with much answers, so i thought what kids do...   They play with toys, basically their life is childs play. Then again, adults play with toys too, but in more elaborated ways, disguising their activities. We do things that are fun, no reason to doubt that. Car races are like a play, or other sports.
We play videogames, where we fly spaceships, drive cars or command armies. Videogame platforms are electronic sandboxes. When we're kids, we play with plastic armies in the sandbox, when we get too old to play with toys, we disguise them as electronic armies, rather than something plastic.

I think all this comes forth from the will to extend one's ability, where one needs to reach a higher level of potential to be happy. An african kid is overjoyed if he gets a roof to live under, i'm filled with joy when i get a faster processor for my computer. Videogames(and why not other medias like movies and comics) work as substitute extensions, that don't last, but create an illusion of extending your might. A simple thing as a bike gives you greater ability, which strengthens one's self. Riding a bike in downtown feels more comfortable than walking, not just cause you go faster, but have greater ability than the ones' without a bike.
Childs play roots from the desire to have more potential. Same with adults, you want a promotion at your job, even though your current position might be of satisfactory.

So growing up doesn't really alter the fact that everyone likes to play with toys, even adults. Adults just don't have the "permission" to play with toys (as in ones' kids play with), because people would think it's weird, and unaccepted.

I'n my opinion, when becoming adult, the awereness of a human increases in a way... but i'll think about that later.
I loaned a sony cybershot from the school, might as well claim it my own, mwahahahahahah.

Lessee, i guess i'll be doing some photomanips next weekend... other than that, i have my hands full with my new modded ps2, Richard Burns rally, Kaido Battle 2 and Driving Force pro wheel....
hm, now that i had a lucky strike with the last few drawings, and they actually turned out nice, i'm having a hard time producing anything better...   oh and gotta stop drawing fanart for a while too. So what am i supposed to draw next? I think i'll try something unusual, something totally weird...      oh and pirates would be cool too, might as well draw pirates.

School starts in a few weeks, we'll see what happens.... i hope there's cool people.
I just found out that peepz were kinda impressed about me, so i was approved for a game developement school. So, not in so distant future, i'm going to be designing games for a living. Just a few months ago i was like, what the hell am i going to do with my life? And now things just settled on their own...  lucky me. We're going to start with making something small, like games for mobile phones and other portable platforms. When the schools over, i'll be working at a games studio, producing something big......

Hah.... i'm laughing at the people at my current workplace, who've settled down with a sucky job, rather than pursuing something they'd like to do.
I bough the greatest deluxe model toy ever, the gundam GP01-FB.
It has a ton of parts, can be disassembled and assembled with relative ease... tons of parts. Lots of articulative parts and stuff.... and it transforms.
To make things even greater, it can be posed in almost every imaginable way, something most transformers are unable to do.

I'm so happy right now... yay
I'm starting to draw concept art for a  half life 2 mod... so it's gonna be less love and more violance for the gallery :P
I just watched the first episodes of Transformers RID and Transformers ENERGON. They both rule....
Can't wait till they release the energon toyline here in finland.